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Liste des congrès médicaux, formations santé : 44 résultats pour la recherche mental health

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Congrès santé - Formation santé

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AACP/Current Psychiatry Update Presentation

Réf: 26086 22/03/2018 -> 24/03/2018 - Chicago US

Compare current pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatment strategies for management of a range of disorders, including Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, Women's Mental Health, Depression, Schizophrenia, Geriatric Psychiatry, Sexual Dysfunction, Chronic Pain, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Bipolar D ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

HIPAA Compliance Requirements | HIPAA Privacy Security 2018

Réf: 26573 29/03/2018 -> 30/03/2018 - Chicago, IL US

Being the HIPAA Security and Privacy Official involves not only ensuring you know the appropriate patient rights and controls on your uses and disclosures of protected health information, but you also have the proper policies and procedures in place. If audited or the subject of a breach investigat ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Médecine, Paramédical

The Dubai International Neuroscience Congress

Réf: 26584 29/03/2018 -> 31/03/2018 - Dubai AE

The programme is designed to cover the latest contemporary approaches in Neurology and current updates on management and treatment in different areas; mental disorders, schizophrenia, Alzheimer, bi polar disorders, adult eating disorders, and many more...
The congress will ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Neurologie

Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics Course 2018

Réf: 26736 02/04/2018 -> 03/04/2018 - Baltimore US

Such testing is conducted by laboratory facilities mostly analytical (internal as well as external to the manufacturers) which often lack needed pharmacokinetics and biopharmaceutics expertise/understanding leading to poor study or experimental design followed by inaccurate interpretation of result ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

Preparing for OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Requirements: Brick by Brick

Réf: 26846 Mardi 03 Avril 2018 - Aurora US

Take a closer look at the OSHA VPP certification and how your organization can achieve this affirmation at being top in health and safety management.
Masons start their masterpieces brick by brick, carefully and skilfully placing each in its place. With Voluntary Protection Program, or ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

Why Analytical Method Validation is Required - Course 2018

Réf: 26733 05/04/2018 -> 06/04/2018 - Baltimore, MD US

(From ACS site) Learn the fundamentals of quality assurance, quality control, and analytical methods validation and how to improve your FDA, WHO and OECD regulatory compliance directives for analytical data submissions.
Areas Covered in the Session:


Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

What is the Purpose of a Quality Management System Seminar 2018

Réf: 26734 05/04/2018 -> 06/04/2018 - Baltimore, MD US

In this 2-day seminar, we will use lecture, exercises, and discuss to learn the fundamentals of a Quality Management System and how you can take your program from surviving to thriving. A thriving QMS can help you achieve your compliance objectives and improve product quality, leading to higher cus ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

What is TIN Matching Course 2018

Réf: 26731 05/04/2018 -> 06/04/2018 - Virginia Beach US

Required governmental reporting on independent contractors
A detailed review of Form 1099-Misc - guidelines for proper use and classification of diverse payments on this form
Best practices for filing 1099s with the IRS - TIP: never file early!
The governm ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

Understanding in Vitro-in Vivo (IVIVC) Correlations Seminar 2018

Réf: 26735 05/04/2018 -> 06/04/2018 - Baltimore US

In short, it is the misunderstanding of the scientific concepts as well as the use and requirements of inappropriate experimental conditions and the study designs which are causing the current problems. This seminar will provide simple and practical solutions to address the issues by explaining in ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

The 80th Api China and Pharmex and Pharmpack and Sinophex

Réf: 26195 11/04/2018 -> 13/04/2018 - Shanghai CN

API and Production: Fine Chemical Industry, Chemical Materials; Veterinary Drugs Materials; Natural Extract; Intermediate; Biotechnology; Biotechnology; Chemical Reagent; Chinese Medicinal Raw Materials; Feed Raw Materials and Additives; Health food Faw Materials and Additives; Food Raw Materials a ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Arab International Men’s Health Congress

Réf: 26287 12/04/2018 -> 14/04/2018 - Dubai AE

Arab International Men’s Health Congress taking place from 12 – 14 April, 2018 in Dubai, UAE.
The programme is designed to cover the latest contemporary approaches in Men’s Health industry and current updates on management and treatment in different areas; urology, andrology, uro-oncolo ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Clinical Data Management Practices: GCDMP Course 2018

Réf: 26726 12/04/2018 -> 13/04/2018 - Philadelphia US

Elaine has over 30 years of experience in creating data and information solutions for industries ranging from governmental agencies and corporations, to start-up companies and individual researchers.
In addition to her technical expertise, Elaine possesses a talent for conveying statist ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

FDAs Guidance for Human Factor Engineering Seminar 2018

Réf: 26727 12/04/2018 -> 13/04/2018 - Philadelphia US

The importance of HFE for public health
Main reasons for non-compliance
Available HFE resources
FDA's inspection and enforcement strategy for HFE ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

The Great Plains Laboratory Presents GPL Academy Practitioner Workshops

Réf: 26269 13/04/2018 -> 15/04/2018 - Chicago US

Learn how to use this comprehensive metabolic test in your practice to help your patients with a variety of chronic health conditions. Find out how the OAT helps you discover underlying causes of many symptoms and hear what kinds of treatments have been effective. Qualified attendees at the Organic ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine générale

Preparing and Submit a Compliant 510(k) Submission

Réf: 26827 Mardi 17 Avril 2018 - Aurora US

Since September 2009, the Centre for Devices and Radiological Health has been reviewing the operation of the 510(k) program and the way CDRH uses science in the decision making process. In August 2010, the 510(k) Working Group and the Task Force on the Utilization of Science in Regulatory Decision ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

How to Prepare the Marketing Authorization in Europe 2018

Réf: 26723 18/04/2018 -> 19/04/2018 - Zurich CH

In addition, the various meetings with the Health Authorities in the centralized procedure will be discussed.
Regular review and monitoring of product information for medicines is important, to support awareness of relevant updates/changes which may affect prescribing, dispensing, admin ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

What is the HIPAA Compliance: Guidelines 2018

Réf: 26720 19/04/2018 -> 20/04/2018 - Virginia Beach US

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), found 94% of Covered Entities failed the Risk Management Audit and 87% failed the Risk Analysis Audit. And every audited Covered Entity knew well in advance that it was on the short list to be audited, had completed pre-audit questionnaires and knew th ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

11th European Biosimilars Congress

Réf: 25569 26/04/2018 -> 27/04/2018 - Kemp House GB

Theme: The Developmental Strategies and Uptake of Biosimilars through a Decade in Europe
Home | Conference Brochure | Submit Abstract | Scientific Sessions
Conference series takes pleasure in inviting the scientific community across the globe to attend the 11th ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

ICOH 2018

Réf: 25542 29/04/2018 -> 04/05/2018 - Dublin IE

The ICOH congress is one of the worlds largest international congresses in the field of occupational health and safety where experts from all around the gather every three years to share their experience and knowledge.
The Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Royal College of Physicians of ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine générale

7th Annual Middle East Congress on Clinical Nutrition

Réf: 25447 11/05/2018 -> 13/05/2018 - Athens GR

On behalf of The 7th Annual Middle East Congress on Clinical Nutrition it gives us great pleasure to welcome you all to our Clinical Nutrition Middle East Congress (Nutrition in Health & Disease).
Being involved in nutrition sciences, you can’t miss this unique Opportunity to join y ...

Congrès: Dermatologie, Diabète, Endocrinologie, Diététique & Nutrition

Mobile in Clinical Trials Europe - May 15-16, 2018 - London, UK

Réf: 26644 15/05/2018 -> 16/05/2018 - London GB

- Moving past the hype of mhealth and producing evidence
- Mobile 2.0, wearable, sensors, apps and mobile devices
The speaking faculty includes:
- Emma Bender, Marketing Manager, NIHR ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

25th Annual International STRESS AND BEHAVIOR Neuroscience and Biopsychiatry Conference

Réf: 25958 16/05/2018 -> 19/05/2018 - Saint Petersburg RU

experimental models of behavior
stress, memory and learning
psychophysiology and neuropsychology
psychoneuroimmunology ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Alcoologie, Bio-Technologies, Biologie, Médecine légale, Génétique, Neurologie, Psychiatrie, Recherche, Sommeil, Pharmacie
FMC 32 crédits

The Great Plains Laboratory Presents GPL Academy Practitioner Workshops - Charlotte

Réf: 26307 19/05/2018 -> 20/05/2018 - Charlotte US

Day 2: Environmental Toxin Testing Workshop
This workshop will focus on the epidemic of environmental toxin exposure, from the many chemicals we encounter every day to mycotoxins released from mold. You will learn about many common environmental pollutants from the 172 chemicals tested ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

EuroSciCon Conference on Clinical Cardiology and Cardiovascular Disease

Réf: 26443 24/05/2018 -> 25/05/2018 - London GB

World-leading health practitioners, clinicians, educators and researchers will present cutting-edge and practical clinical techniques based upon widely accepted evidence and will introduce new and emerging research.
What’s New?
Cardiology Conferences includes international a ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Cardiologie

Current Psychiatry/AACP Focus on Neuropsychiatry

Réf: 26577 15/06/2018 -> 16/06/2018 - Arlington US

The Neuropsychiatric Mental Status Exam
Website: https://go.evvnt.com/190312-0?pid=4319
Price: ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine interne

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