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Evènement :ICS 2018 - 48th Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society

Dates :Mardi 28 Août 2018 - Vendredi 31 Août 2018

Lieu :Pennsylvania Convention CENTER (PCC)
1101 Arch Street
19107 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, États-Unis

Type :Conférence & Séminaire - Audience Internationale

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We invite all experts in the field of Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction to visit Philadelphia for the 48th Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society. It has been nine years since the ICS met in the United States and we are excited to host this international event.
We expect to present a scientific programme that will attract a multi-disciplinary group of professionals including urologists, gynaecologists, neurologists, nurses, physical therapists, basic scientists and physiologists to Philadelphia, the birth place of America. Topics will include pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment in the fields of urinary incontinence and lower urinary tract and pelvic floor dysfunction (e.g. bladder pain syndrome, prolapse, overactive and underactive bladder). Transdisciplinary research methods, prevention-science methodology, rehabilitation, medical, non-medical and surgical treatments will be discussed as well as basic and translational research. The role of new technologies will also be explored.
Philadelphia, with its rich history, culture and symbolism, is a melting pot of ethnic traditions and immigrant cultures. Philadelphia is home to the Liberty Bell and Declaration of Independence, both tributes to the United States Revolution. Located on the East Coast, Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love. We have a modern convention centre with high tech facilities and proximity to historical sites and the city centre. Philadelphia is a walking city so delegates will enjoy the short walk from hotels, meeting events and convention centre. 
We feel that returning to the United States and having the ICS meeting in Philadelphia is a win for everyone. We know that you will enjoy your time here.
Join us at ICS 2018 Philadelphia.
Keep up to date at www.ics.org/2018
Abstract submission: 1 March – 3 April 2018
Workshop submission: 1 November – 3 January 2018
Visit website for details and savings: USD 0.
Speakers: Alan j Wein, Diane k Newman, Roger Roman Dmochowski, Lori A Birder, Prof Sherif Mourad, Dr Jerzy BGajewski, Prof David Castro-Diaz, Prof Mauro Cervigni, Prof Carlos Levi D'Ancona, Dr Alex Digesu, Mr Marcus John Drake, Dr Alex Tong-Long Lin, Prof Cristina Naranjo Ortiz.
Time: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.


Plan et itinéraire
Adresse de la conférence :
Pennsylvania Convention CENTER (PCC)
1101 Arch Street
19107 Philadelphia
Pennsylvania, États-Unis
Plan et itinéraire


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ICS 2018 - 48th Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society Médecine
ics, continence, usa, philadelphia, urologists, gynaecologists, neurologists, physiotherapists
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