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Evènement :National Autistic Society; Autism and Social Skills Conference 2018

Date :Mercredi 17 Janvier 2018

Lieu :Hilton Leeds City
Neville Street
LS1 4BX Leeds, Royaume-Uni

Type :Conférence & Séminaire - Audience Internationale

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With three different seminar streams to choose from, this conference will provide attendees with the tools and strategies to support autistic people in social settings.

Social situations can often be very difficult for autistic people. There are so many confusing social rules that appear to be learnt instinctively by non-autistic people. These rules can often cause anxiety as they are generally unwritten and not talked about.

Featuring sessions lead by experts including Dean Beadle and Siobhan Timmins, our Autism and social skills conference explores practical strategies for minimising anxiety in social situations, new ways to support autistic people in building friendships and more intimate relationships, and techniques to develop social skills in the classroom

Suitable for education professionals, occupational therapists, social workers and support workers, clinicians across the professional field, voluntary sector groups and not-for-profit organisations, and autistic people, their families and carers. With three different streams to choose from, you can select the seminars that are most relevant to your daily work.

For sponsorship and exhibition enquiries please get in touch.


Inquiries: https://go.evvnt.com/167660-0
Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/167660-1

Standard rate: GBP 245

Speakers: Dean Beadle, Siobhan Timmins, Jamie Pratt, Victoria Honeybourne, The Curly Hair Project, Felicity Sedgewick

Time: 9:30 am to 4:15 pm

Category: Conferences | Science, Health & Medicine
Sub-Categories: Conferences | Education
Classes / Courses | Professional Training


Plan et itinéraire
Adresse de la conférence :
Hilton Leeds City
Neville Street
LS1 4BX Leeds
Plan et itinéraire


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National Autistic Society; Autism and Social Skills Conference 2018 Médecine
autism, autistic, social situations, autism and relationships, anxiety in social situations, friendships, social group, language
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