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Evènement :Pharma Security World 2019

Dates :Mardi 19 Mars 2019 - Mercredi 20 Mars 2019

Lieu :TBC
London, Royaume-Uni

Type :Conférence & Séminaire - Audience Internationale

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The Counterfeit medicines are turning into a serious concern around the world, and have progressively been showing up through the real pharmaceutical supply chain, including community and online drug stores. What is more, pharmaceutical companies and regulators are creating ways to stop them.No nations stay untouched by this issue, what was once viewed as an issue endured by developing nations has now turned into an issue to developed nations including US and Europe. We require both countrywide and industry-level participation, and in addition public and private sector coordinated effort, to identify and definitively battle counterfeiters. To protect your brand and build a genuine future, Corvus Global Events invites you to Pharma Security World 2019 – An Anti-counterfeiting & Brand Safety Conference, which will have Pharma industry experts sharing various challenges faced, new strategies, case studies and use of innovative ideas and the conference will also offer opportunities to encourage partnerships and collaborations. It gives us a great pleasure to welcoming you to the Pharma Security World 2019


·         Understanding and meeting the needs of DSCSA, EU FMD and other global regulations

·         Synchrony of the Pharma Industry and professional bodies against counterfeiting

·         Tackling pharmaceutical crime - initiatives at multinational, EU and national level

·         IP and regulatory enforcement

·         Strategies for public awareness and patient protection

·         Best practices to protect your brand

·         The role of the Internet in aiding the counterfeiters – How to overcome the situation?

·         Common Logo initiative in the EU for online pharmacies

·         Brand Protection & Securing supply chain integrity

·         End to End supply chain visibility

·         Developing a sustainable Serialization strategy

·         Global enterprise level solutions for anti-counterfeiting

·         Integration of track & trace solutions in production and supply chain

·         Smart Packaging, Labeling, Artwork, Warehouse & Logistics

·         Effective Authentication Technologies

·         Best selection of tamper-evident features

·         Developing a RMP for your supply chain to protect your Brand, Product and Patient Safety

·         Measuring the Effectiveness of a Good Quality System through frequent external and internal audits

·         Debating the use and implementation of serialization, barcoding, and RFID

·         Serialization Data and Analytics driven approach to increase supply chain agility

·         Cloud-based technology complement big data solutions in monitoring and improving supply chain processes

·         The need to understand and adopt new technologies like IoT, Analytics, Block chain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Case study: How companies are structuring their counterfeiting efforts and departments?




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