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Evènement :Understanding Interpersonal Communication Skills

Date :Jeudi 18 Octobre 2018

Lieu :Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr,Aurora, Colorado
80016-6104 Aurora, Colorado, États-Unis

Type :Conférence & Séminaire - Audience Internationale

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After attending this webinar participants will be able to understand the importance of interpersonal communication skills and communicate in a more precise yet relaxed fashion with subordinates, peers, supervisors, vendors and customers.
By exploring self-awareness as an interpersonal communication concept, the participant will be self-guided into areas of personal development that they feel is necessary.
Other important areas such as self-disclosure and personal values will assist the participant in understanding themselves as a communicator and an active participant in the company’s goals and objectives.


If you are worried that others may be getting ahead of you in the workplace, but you feel you are working to capacity, then maybe it’s not what you are doing, but how you are communicating it. 
Inside of each manager’s toolbox, is another toolbox labelled “communication and interpersonal skills”. The more tools that fit into that box, the great the individual has at making sure he is understood by everyone he or she is talking to.
Managers who try to work harder to get ahead without increasing their knowledge of interpersonal communication in the workplace may actually begin to get further behind. They may be spending so much time working that they are fatigued to the point of being less effective in how they communicate that work. Thus, their value to the organization may diminish unless they learn how to communicate with great skill.


  • Introduction – 5 minutes
  • Your most critical challenges in managing your personal level of interpersonal communication in the workplace - 10 minutes
  • Self-Awareness: The starting point to communication and interpersonal skills – 10 minutes
  • Understanding goals and goal setting in the communication process – 15 minutes
  • Managing time, stress and self: All important aspects of the communication process – 15 minutes
  • Listening skills - 10 minutes
  • Assertive and effective communications strategies – 10 minutes
  • Summary and wrap up – 5 minutes
  • Q&A – 15 minutes


Studies have shown that soft skills understanding is one of the major components of promotion into leadership positions and a lack of soft skills may lead to non-promotion and eventual resignation/termination.
Organizations in general are looking for managers and leaders that are well versed in communication and interpersonal skills and are willing to invest in those skills.
Seasoned executives understand that interpersonal communication in the workplace leads to less ambiguity in employee performance and that translates into lower costs.


Boardroom to boiler room. Anyone in the workplace that needs to communicate effectively with others.


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Adresse de la conférence :
Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr,Aurora, Colorado
80016-6104 Aurora
Colorado, États-Unis
Tél : +1-720-996-1616


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