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18th International Conference on Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

JW Marriott Hotel Dubai Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, Hamarain Centre| Deira | PO Box 16590 | Dubai | U.A.E. | Tel: +971 4 607
16590 Dubai
Émirats arabes unis
Tél : +97 1 4 607 7764
Discovering the world of pharmacy, learning in a New Space, Meeting Experts and Finding New Tips & Tactics gives you the wonderful experience so, Be a part of this exciting 18th International Conference on Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry during July 19-21, 2018 at Dubai, UAE. Where advanced practices and researches on various fields of Pharmaceutical science, Novel drugs and advanced strategies in Pharma technology, Drug delivery and developments techniques, Recent advancements in Medicinal pharma, Medication of certain diseases and many more innovative topics will be shared and discussed by experts in the field of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

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