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Evènement :The 1st ISE Endocrinology Practice - Middle East 2021

Dates :Vendredi 17 Septembre 2021 - Samedi 18 Septembre 2021

Lieu :En ligne (Internet, Visioconférence, ...)

Type :Conférence & Séminaire - Audience Internationale

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We are very excited to announce The 1st ISE Endocrinology Practice - Middle East 2021 in partnership with the Emirates Diabetes and Endocrine Society (EDES). With the health and safety of our attendees, partners, vendors and staff as our priority, we have decided to deliver this event as a virtual conference.

The inaugural ISE Endocrinology Practice conference will be held jointly with the EDES and is the first one of a series of yearly regional CME-focused events.

The conference will provide healthcare professionals with the best clinical practices in diabetes and endocrinology. Join us to take your patient care to the next level, learn from international faculty combined with cases discussed with regional experts, and earn globally recognized CME credits.

The topics and cases we will cover this year include:
- Choosing the right treatment for diabetics
- Hot topics in gonadal function
- Diabetes in special situations
- Approach to common thyroid and adrenal pathologies

The aim of ISE is to establish the Regional Practice Series as a forum for endocrinologists regionally, to improve their knowledge and skills, and apply internationally recognized best practices to the review of regional cases from the clinic.

We look forward to a great launch of our inaugural event in the Endocrinology Practice series, #ISEPractice2021, which we trust will attract many of our colleagues from the Middle East region, and we look forward to continue the in-person ISE CME-focussed events soon in other parts of the world.

Important dates for your calendar:
1 September - Early bird registration deadline
17-18 September - The 1st ISE Endocrinology Practice

The 1st ISE Endocrinology Practice Chairs:
- Dr. Fatheya Alawadi
- Dr. Margaret Wierman

ISE Executive Committee:
- Margaret Wierman (USA) - Chairperson
- Emanuel Christ (Switzerland) - Secretary Treasurer
- Andre Lacroix (Canada) - Past Chairperson
- Fatheya Al Awadi (UAE)
- Gregory Kaltsas (Greece)
- Hirotaka Shibata (Japan)
- Syed Abbas Raza (Pakistan)
- Vivien Lim (Singapore)
- Susan Mandel (USA)
- Alvin Powers (USA)
- Pablo Nel Rueda Plata (Colombia)
- Ayesha Motala (South Africa)
- Helena Teede (Australia)

EDES Board of Directors:
- Fatheya Al Awadi - President
- Juma Alkaabi - Vice President
- Asma Jasim - General Secretary
- Khaled Mohammad Al Dahmani - Scientific Committee Chairperson
- Elham Mohamed Al Amiri - Cultural Committee Chairperson

Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/804573-0?pid=4319
Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/804573-2?pid=4319
Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/804573-3?pid=4319
LinkedIn: https://go.evvnt.com/804573-4?pid=4319

Learn more on the Conference website.: USD 0.0

Speakers: Daniel Drucker, Elham Al Amiri, Helena Teede, Huda Ezzedine, Jennifer Green, Shahzad Basaria, Adrian Vella, Lisa Chow, Juma Al Kaabi, Margaret Wierman, Marc Molitch, Khaled Ad Dahmani, Susan Mandel, Alaaeldin Bashier, Kenneth Cusi, Elamin Abdegadir, Elizabeth Pearce, Ahmed ElHassan, Raya Almazrouei, Kristen Nadeau, Khadijah Hafidh, Sami Kenz, Mohamed Hassanein, Fauzia Rashid, Anand Vaidya

Time: 09:00 - 21:00


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The 1st ISE Endocrinology Practice - Middle East 2021 Médecine - Endocrinologie
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